Compostable paper cups

Being a large compostable paper cups manufacturers in China, we never stop trying to design and offer biodegradable compostable paper cup made from eco-friendly materials, giving our care to the environment and contributing to our customers' brands promotion. From our compostable paper cups series, you are not only offered with paper cups coated with PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) but also waterborne coating laminated cups. Compostable paper cups laminated with waterborne coating can resist well against water, oil as well as heat. High water content makes it able for this type of coating to be easily applied and friendly to the environment, meeting the request of the US and European regulations of governing VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions, the emission VOC content of fewer than 3.5 pounds per gallon and leaving the environment a very very low footprint. Customization of our compostable paper cups is available.