Paper instant noodle or rice cups and bowls

Double wall paper instant noodle (rice) cups and bowls are one of our advantages. In the past years, we have been cooperating with many food companies including famous brands home and abroad such as Uni-president in China, Paldo in Korea and Doshirak in Russia, supplying them with double wall paper instant noodle cup and a bowl of high quality and wonderful service with excellent attention to details. To ensure good quality of each cup or bowl, we are strict with raw material selection, only purchasing from standard paper-making factories that can offer international food contact certifications. Besides, producing processes including cutting, coating, printing, molding, and testing is carefully monitored. Up to now, we have customized our customer's double wall paper noodle or rice cups and bowls of sizes of a wide range. It will be very good if you can pick out from them what you need. If not, new molds can be made to cater to your needs, which will take about 45 days. With the spirit of improvement and innovation, we never stop exploring ways of making better paper instant noodle (rice) cups and bowls.